New Emerging Writer Spotlight: Trina Teoh

Photo Owned by TrinaTeoh

As written in her bio on her site:

Trina Teoh was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is at times reserved, but often boisterous. She hopes to remain genuine in everything she does, and to always make her parents proud.

What isn't mentioned is her: coming to the U.S. as a student, recently graduated with her B.A. in English, her love of film and photographer eye. 

When asked what she wanted to achieve with her work, she responded:

"If there’s anything I want to achieve in my work, it is to evoke emotion. I want to write the way music and movies makes me feel. My poems are stories about feelings. They are about your (the reader’s) feelings/memories. The reader builds the plot in their head, these poems are just the outline."

As a artist of many mediums, Teoh's work is like a vivid collaboration involving one sense's and stimulating language.

We will be sharing four poem's of hers on our insta and tumblr in anticipation of her upcoming collection of poetry, titled "Valley Deep Into You". 


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