A Seat At The Table : Why creative platforms by p.o.c are needed more than ever.

We can all attest that the Knowles sisters have done it this year! But more specifically I want to address Solange album and visual prowess, and the signification it serves coming in the wake of this year national turmoil.

This will not be a long super analytical review, this will be very straight forward and to the point. What this album defines? This album talks about and offers a relief to a community of black people worldwide that has undergone a very public attack on their identity and the value of their lives. It’s about survival of being black not only here in America but around the world where the surge of violence towards black people have increased dramatically.

This album is exclusive, meaning that it’s not meant for you if your not black. What that does not mean is that it’s a attack on non- black people. I will repeat this for those of you who are getting amped up. Just because you’re not included in something like this doesn’t mean it’s a attack on you. You can support this album, support Solange, show solidarity with the black community without making the subject at hand about you.

This is about loving your blackness. A tribute and celebration of black culture, people and pain. Like the saying goes there is beauty in the struggle. Black history is world history and black culture has its reach on every continent. The world celebrates our culture and so should we. As Solange repeats lightly…”this shit is for us.”

This album is about community. I believe this addresses all black people no matter where we are from. As a community we can’t expect the world to treat us better if don’t treat each other better. We have to erase the hate within our communities in order to start erasing the hate the world have for us. This is also a call to non- black brotha’s and sistah’s in the world. We have no reason to tear each other down. We’ve progressed far globally and should respect and love each others differences. This a call for the community of humanity.
Lastly, there is a greater need than ever to have p.o.c voices heard. I encourage the creation and support of such platforms. It dosen’t take a lot of money and big following to start. These platforms are imperative to get p.o.c voices pushed out and the messages they carry. We all have have issues in our own communities. I’m starting to see a trend in consciousness forward music, fashion, and art and we can utilize this to make a difference and create a collective noise!
A message from 1/2 of COCA MAGAZINE